The Benefits of LED Lighting

There are multiple benefits to LED lighting, even beyond the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly benefits that are widely promoted. This infographic details many of those additional benefits.


An Explanation of Color Temperature

Color temperature is an important but widely unknown aspect of lighting that is especially important for LED lights, due to the variety of options available. This infographic explains the basic principles behind color temperature, to make it possible for you to choose between them.


Equivalent Wattage Comparison Chart

LED lights consume less power than traditional lights, making them energy-saving and cost-efficient by their very nature. It does cause some confusion, when switching from traditional light sources, as the wattage ratings are very different. This chart compares the wattage of...



Illumination, One LED at a Time

Types of LED Lights

There are so many different types of LED lights available these days — how do you determine which ones are right for you?

The good news, is that manufacturers are not over-complicating the issue. They are sticking to standards that allow you to simply replace the old technology lights and light bulbs with new LED lights and light bulbs that fit into existing spaces, fixtures and bases.

To replace an old light, simply choose a similar-looking type of LED light from the options below. Each category of lights is described in more detail so that you can confirm which one is a suitable replacement for your existing bulb.

I would also recommend determining your existing lights’ equivalent LED wattage, to be able to select an LED light with the proper brightness.


When considering LED lights, you might say, “But they’re so expensive!”

Welllllll… not really. Especially not if you compare their average life expectancy. They should be looked at like an investment.

While an incandescent light bulb might be expected to last 1000 – 3000hrs, a good LED light should last 25,000hrs and could last up to 50,000-100,000hrs.

Let’s look at it this way. Might your average life expectancy be increased if you spend less time on rickety ladders, changing light bulbs?

That, in itself, makes them priceless!

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